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About Us

Soquel High School (SHS) was established in 1962 to serve the outlying areas of the Santa Cruz City Schools District (SCCS). Today, Soquel High School has a student population of close to 1,000.

Soquel High School is located in the Village of Soquel, an unincorporated residential community of Santa Cruz County. We serve students who live in the residential communities of Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, and other surrounding areas. Parents in these communities are active participants in their students’ education, and are extremely supportive in giving their financial support and volunteer time.

Situated near the center of the county, the 40-acre campus provides a beautiful setting overlooking the Monterey Bay. SHS annually sends 95% of its surveyed seniors to college. The Advanced Placement program has included courses in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, English, Spanish, U.S. History, Government and Calculus.

The extensive Career Technical Education (CTE) program includes courses in Agricultural Science, Auto Technology, Bicycle Technologies, Biotechnology, Building Green, Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Construction Technology, Criminal Justice, Digital Photography, Engine Repair, Floral Design, Health Careers, Manufacturing Technology, Medical Technology, Mill Cabinetry, Multimedia Sports Medicine, Video Production, Web Design, Welding Technology, and Yearbook.

The wide range of offerings in the Arts at SHS includes instrumental and vocal music, ceramics, drama, painting, and photography.  SHS also provides many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students in sports, music, student government, and a variety of school clubs. Nearby Cabrillo College offers a high-quality, affordable program and flexible concurrent enrollment for SHS students.

Mission Statement




Soquel High is a diverse, creative, and professional learning community that encourages

and supports all Knights to achieve intellectual and personal excellence, and to be prepared fo

College, Career, and Society.









Where to start?

Welcome! Please take a few moments to get to know Soquel High School and our website, which can put you in touch with the extraordinary opportunities at SHS.

The Academics section contains information on course offerings including a variety of Honors anAP courses. Peruse the Counseling section of this website for college entrance information, testing dates, and scholarship opportunities. The Performing Arts section details the Soquel High award-winning Jazz Band, comprehensive ceramics studio, and drama programs such as Knights of the Square Stage. Clubs, lunch-time bands, and school spirit are just a few of the things enjoyed by Soquel High students. To enroll a new student, click here.


Complete online pre-registration for students who are brand new to the district
Complete Back to School Packets through the Parent Portal

The Counseling office opens the first week of the month (check calendar days and times)
Picture Day and Schedule Pick-up
Freshman Orientation Day
New Parent Back to School Night
First Day of School (C Day)

To check out the dates for these, and other important events, click here for the Soquel High Events Calendar.


New Enrollees must make an appointment to see a Counselor by calling the Counseling Secretary  at 429-3909 ext 132.

Work Permits and Transcripts can be obtained by contacting the counseling Secretary at 429-3909 ext 132.

Student Learning Outcomes

High School Students and Staff will be:

  • Effective Communicators Who:

    • Communicate and interpret information in a variety of ways: verbally, visually, artistically, and technologically

    • Actively listen and effectively speak, read, and write

  • Complex Creative Thinkers and Problem Solvers Who:

    • Identify, diagnose, and use appropriate complex reasoning processes such as comparison, classification, induction, deduction, analysis, investigation, experimentation, and invention

    • Access, select, and evaluate information from a variety of sources

    • Form conclusions based upon relevant data

    • Connect ideas across the curricular areas to accomplish meaningful tasks

    • Understand essential concepts, facts, and procedures taught in each course

  • Knowledgeable Self-Directed Learners Who:

    • Demonstrate initiative, self-advocacy, self-discipline, and self-evaluation

    • Discover, develop, and pursue individual passion

    • Create and use an education plan to move purposefully toward personal and career goals

    • Develop positive attitudes about the strategies that promote physical and mental health

    • Appreciate the relationships between personal accomplishments and a sense of self-esteem

    • Apply subject matter knowledge and skills

    • Apply knowledge and skills to every day experiences as well as real world situations

    • Make responsible choices

  • Responsible and Active Citizens Who:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, languages, and genders that fosters tolerance for individual differences

    • Confront significant ideas and issues of the day

    • Understand the global interrelationships of political, environmental, and economic decisions and their effects on the individual

    • Use appropriate interpersonal skills when working within groups or systems

    • Engage in ethical decision-making and assume responsibility for their actions

    • Display skills to join the workforce and/or to attend college

Student Learning Outcomes
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