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College Planning

We're here to help.

College is an option within reach for every student. But it demands a lot of planning, decision-making and preparation. Our counseling department is here to help, but there's a lot you can do in your family to be ready.

Choosing Colleges

Need help sorting options? Get help managing schools by clicking here.


See what's out there and how to apply: 

click here.

Applying to Colleges

It's intimidating, but we can help. Reach out to the counseling office.


SAT? ACT? Get a breakdown of entrance exams right here.


There's a lot available. Get help navigating it by clicking here.

College Life Tips!

Get help navigating this transition. Reach out to the counseling office

Cabrillo College
Dual Enrollment

Our students can start College in High School! Find out more right here.

Need Help? Call your counselor!

Laura Gradiska
Counselor (Last names A-Ci)
Consejera (Apellidos A-Ci)

(831) 429-3909 Ext. 49133 

Ana Martinez 
Counselor (Last names Co-L)
Consejera (Apellidos Co-L)

(831) 429-3909 Ext. 49144

Bryan Anderson 
Counselor (Last names J-Q)
Consejera (Apellidos J-Q)
Ext. 49134 

Branna Banks 
Counselor (Last names R-Z)
Consejera (Apellidos R-Z)
Ext. 49135 

The Counseling Office is open daily.
Come see us!

 Monday-Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

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