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Join the Club!

Involved students thrive and get more out of their high school experience. At Soquel High, we make space for Students to follow their interests, and create communities.

Whether acting with the Knights of the Square Stage or implementing new policy for Student Government, there are plenty of things to do at Soquel High School. New clubs are always welcome!



Soquel High Student Clubs

  • Please remember that Club Applications must be renewed each year!

  • To renew, please print and fill out a Request to Continue Club form and turn it into to Assistant Principal Jose Quevedo (429-3909 x126) in the front office.

  • Please print and fill out an Activity Request Form and turn it in to Assistant Principal Craig Miller in the front office for any and all club activities during the school year.

  • Please don’t forget to complete the last page!

If you're interested in starting a club, please review the linked New Club Application form for more information.

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