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The Citadel Yearbook

The Yearbook group has set up a one stop venue:

  • For getting pictures to the Yearbook staff

  • Ordering Yearbooks

  • Ordering Ads for the Yearbook


Go to to find out more.


  • $78 through September 24

  • $83 through October 29

  • $88 through February 4

  • $93 through May 13 (or until we are sold out!) 


To order, you can go online to Jostens Yearbooks, or buy it at school, in the Finance Office at Lunch & Brunch.

Parents of seniors: if you would like to recognize your senior in the yearbook, go to Jostens Yearbooks to create your ad.

Prices are: Full page, $300.00; 1/2, $200.00; 1/4, $150.00; or 1/8, $75.00

Parents and students: Check out to share images within the Soquel High community and for possible publication in the yearbook.

The Soquel High Library has copies of old yearbooks available for purchase. The cost is $50 per yearbook if you are picking up, and $70 per yearbook if you require it to be shipped. (Please note that all yearbooks are sold "as is" and may have writing in them, torn pages, etc.) If you would like to purchase a yearbook, please send an email to school librarian Angela Gates ( to inquire if the year you would like is available and receive payment instructions.

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