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Students who wish to park in the Student Parking Lot must apply for a parking permit. Vehicles parked in the Student Parking Lot without a parking permit may be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense. Students are not allowed to park in the upper campus, including the circle area. Parking in the Little League Lot also requires a Permit.

The application for a parking permit can be found in the Parent Portal under Forms, for all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  All vehicle information, CDL and student and parent signatures/acknowledgement are required on the application. If the application form is not in the Parent Portal, please call the front office to have it sent.  Once the form is approved, you may pick up the permit from the Finance Office during Brunch or Lunch.  The permit can be used for all vehicles listed in your application form.


A. Parking Permits are issued to students with:

  • A valid CA Driver’s License

  • A current car insurance policy

  • No outstanding fees

  • A current DMV Vehicle Registration

B. Permits can be picked up during Brunch and Lunch only in the Finance Office. They will not be distributed during class time. Ticketing will begin on October 1st.  Parking tickets will be $40.00 for the 1st offense, $50.00 for the 2nd offense, and $60.00 for the 3rd offense.

C. Students must have at least one year of experience on their license to transport other students to school.

D. Lost or stolen Parking Permits must be reported to the Campus Supervisor within 48 hours of the loss. Replacement passes may be obtained for $15.00.

E. Soquel High School and the Santa Cruz City Schools District maintain no liability for injuries, danger, or theft incurred while using the Student Parking Lots. Students may not ride in, or sit in any motor vehicle during school hours without written permission of school administration. During the Brunch and Lunch periods, students may not sit in, loiter, or eat lunch in any of the parking areas or vehicles.

F. Students may not hang out in the Parking Lot during Brunch, Lunch, or non-class time.

G. Parking Permits must be displayed from the rear view mirror with the Permit number facing the front.

H. Notify the front office if you must make changes to the cars listed.

I. Automobiles are subject to search at any time.


A student’s Parking Permit will be revoked for the remainder of the school year for any of the following reasons:

  • Lending a Parking Permit to another student. (Both the user of the Permit and the owner will lose the privilege of parking on campus.)

  • Using the Parking Permit on a vehicle not registered by the Parking Permit owner. The car could be towed!

  • Parking in an unauthorized area, including, but not limited to: 1. Staff/Visitor Parking Lots, 2. Fire Lanes, 3. Unpaved Areas, and 4. Handicap and Red Zones.

  • Violation of California Vehicle Code Sections including, but not limited to, reckless driving, exhibition of speed, and other moving violations.

  • Any drug or alcohol offense.

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