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Here in a sunny hollow in the hills, we have created a learning community built on college prep, career training, self-discovery and leadership. As a public school, enrolling at Soquel gives students access to more.

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Soquel High has more AP Courses

At Soquel High, we believe potential should be met with opportunity. Our College Prep program offers students AP Courses in:


Language & Composition / English Literature / 

US History / US Government / Calculus / 

Statistics / Chemistry / Physics / Biology / 

Environmental Science / Computer Science


Soquel High has more Athletics

We know that sports drive development, self-confidence and cooperation. Our students can apply themselves in one of our many thriving teams:


Football / Softball / Boys Volleyball / 

Girls Volleyball / Cheer / Girls Tennis / 

Boys Tennis / Cross Country / Girls Water Polo / 

Boys Water Polo / Boys Golf / Girls Golf/ 

Boys Soccer / Girls Golf / Wrestling / 

Boys Basketball / Girls Basketball / 

Girls Swimming / Boys Swimming / 

Track & Field/ Baseball

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Soquel High has more Career Opportunities

At Soquel High, we believe education should aim higher than graduation. Our students have access to a wealth of hands-on, technical career coursework to explore options, hone skills and aim high:


Biotechnology / Sustainable Agriculture / 

Graphic Design / Welding / IT Essentials / 

Floral Design / Woodworking / Bike Technology / 

Culinary Arts / Fire Science / Auto Technology / 

Sports Medicine / Construction / Photography / 

Healthcare / Music Production


Soquel High has more Mental Health Support

As well as a full counseling department, whose counselors provide personal as well as academic counseling, Soquel High employs a full-time Social Emotional Counselor who serves the student body as a licensed Mental Health Professional.

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Mental Health

Soquel High has more Connections & more Diversity

As a public school, Soquel is built on the belief that not only are all welcome, but that a diversity of perspectives and experiences drives broader and faster development for all students.

Developing minds need variety - they need each other. When a class isn't curated, students have a greater connection to their community and society.


Soquel High has more Leadership Opportunities

Our bustling community of students, thriving clubs, athletic & performing arts teams, student government body, peer tutoring program & community connections (to local programs, partners and government) empower Soquel High students with unique opportunities to develop as the leaders of tomorrow.

And starting this year, we're raising the ceiling on our High School leaders: giving them seats on the District Board, where they may serve as Student Trustees.

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Soquel High has more Fine & Applied Arts

At Soquel High, we believe that hands-on creative exploration and expression is key to educational development. We offer our students an expanding variety of outlets, including:

Painting Sculpture Theater Pottery Band Drawing Choir Printmaking Jazz Band 

Graphic Design / Guitar Photography /

Varsity Band Cabinetry / Floral Design

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