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Career Planning

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Career Pathways

With 35,000 careers currently available in the modern work world, students have the challenge of learning about the variety of options. To assist students in considering fields they may pursue and the courses related to those fields, the career component of our Guidance Program provides information about Career Paths. A Career Path is a preparation plan for a broad category of related occupations. The categories include the following:

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources

  • Arts & Communications

  • Business, Marketing and Information Systems

  • Engineering & Industrial Technology

  • Home, Health & Recreation

  • Social, Human & Governmental Services

Career Technical Education

Soquel prioritizes hands-on learning, and provides students the opportunity to gain expertise as they study. CTE courses prepare students with work-ready skills, allow time to experiment to find talents, and significantly boost college portfolios. We're offering classes in:

Biotechnology / Sustainable Agriculture

Graphic Design / Welding / IT Essentials

Floral Design / Woodworking / Bike Technology

Culinary Arts / Fire Science / Auto Technology

Sports Medicine / Construction / Photography

Healthcare / Music Production

Need Help? Call your counselor!

Laura Gradiska
Counselor (Last names A-Ci)
Consejera (Apellidos A-Ci)

(831) 429-3909 Ext. 49133 

Ana Martinez 
Counselor (Last names Co-L)
Consejera (Apellidos Co-L)

(831) 429-3909 Ext. 49144

Bryan Anderson 
Counselor (Last names J-Q)
Consejera (Apellidos J-Q)
Ext. 49134 

Branna Banks 
Counselor (Last names R-Z)
Consejera (Apellidos R-Z)
Ext. 49135 

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