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Support Soquel High Today

For a public school, every donation goes straight to students. Community support helps us expand academic, athletic and artistic programs and empowers our College & Career Prep pathways! 

Soquel High Fund

The Soquel High Fund is a non-profit organization run by parents, alumni, staff and community members working to strengthen Soquel High School and to ensure that all our students enjoy the very best educational experience.

What does the Soquel High Fund do?

  • Raises funds for academic, art and athletic programs

  • Allows alumni to invest in their legacy at Soquel High now and into the future

  • Creates opportunities for scholarships in academics, arts and athletics

  • Provides a means for our community to become involved with our local high school

  • Encourages volunteer support for our high school

  • Seeks donations for facility improvements

Want to help?

The Soquel High Fund meets on the second Tuesday of every month during the school year in the Soquel High Library at 6:30 pm. Please join us to learn how you can help enrich your child's high school experience and meet others who want to support the school! 


Some of the fundraising events we plan annually are the Back to School BBQ, Drive for Schools, Annual Golf Tournament and activities to support Grad Night. Check out our events calendar below or the school Events Calendar for our upcoming meeting dates.

For weekly updates on Soquel High happenings please subscribe to our newsletter, Knight Notes.

Soquel High Fund     P.O. Box 1700, Soquel, CA 95073     Tax ID # 77-0038657

Volunteer Opportunities

Soquel High Fund Forms

Check Request Form
Use this form to request a check from Soquel High. This is a fillable form; you can type in the information and email it to the Treasurer at, then send in receipts, or print it out and drop it, and the receipts, in the Soquel High Fund box at school.

Deposit Form
Use this form to turn in documents related to a deposit made to the Soquel High Fund. This is not an actual deposit slip (you must go to the bank and fill out an official deposit slip), but the account number is found on this form.

School Calendar Submission
Use this form to have your event put on the master calendar. Fill out the form, then turn it in to the Principal's Administrate Assistant for processing.

Athletic Budget Form

Use this form to help create the budget for an athletic team. Once completed, it should be turned in to the Treasurer for the Soquel High Fund. The income side of the budget is just as important as the outflow portion.

Group Budget Form
Use this form to help create the budget for a group or club. The only difference between the Athletic Budget and the Group Budget is that the Athletic budget has some specific amounts that will be charged for the sports teams. Turn this document into the Treasurer for the Soquel High Fund at the beginning of the school year, every year. The income side of the budget is just as important as the outflow portion.

Teachers: Use this form to request a mini-grant but only when the Soquel High Fund is accepting them. A dollar limit may be set at that time, different than what is on the form. Please read the description carefully, you will also be directed where to send the form when it is completed.  The limit to the mini-grant will be given in the instructions.

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